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We recognize that your goals—and what you need to reach them—are unique to you. That’s why we deliver a range of comprehensive financial planning services and can design the financial plan that’s right for you. Whether you want to buy a home, save for a child’s education, or ensure that you’re on track for retirement, we can help.

Managing and Investing Your Assets

Managing and Investing Your Assets

The most important aspect of any financial plan is how much you save and how those assets are invested. By learning more about you and your goals, we can create a savings and investment plan that’s right for you, based on:

  • Your current assets and how much you can set aside
  • Your investment objective and time horizon
  • What level of risk you’re comfortable with
Developing a Strategy for Concentrated Stock

Developing a Strategy for Concentrated Stock

If you hold a large concentration of a single stock, you may want to consider diversifying some of it as part of your overall financial plan. We specialize in understanding executive compensation plans and can help you:

  • Understand the risks of keeping all your eggs in one basket
  • Make sense of the potentially complex tax implications
  • Uncover the legal constraints, SEC restrictions, and practical considerations
Planning for the Next Phase

Planning for the Next Phase

Whatever your goals are for retirement, having a plan in place now can alleviate a lot of stress in the future. We’ll help you plan for the next phase and ensure that you stay on track by:

  • Outlining the kind of income stream you’ll likely need in the future
  • Identifying the retirement vehicles best suited for you
  • Planning for distribution post-retirement, with a focus on minimizing tax exposure
Protecting Your Assets for the Next Generation

Protecting Your Assets for the Next Generation

Creating an estate plan that fits your specific circumstances will help ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. By working with an estate planning attorney, we can help protect your assets now and in the future by focusing on:

  • When and how your assets are to be distributed, at the lowest possible cost
  • Minimizing the tax implications, so more of your wealth is passed on
  • Satisfying your commitment to giving back through charitable donations
Minimizing Your Tax Burden

Minimizing Your Tax Burden

One of the main goals of tax planning is to minimize your federal tax liability. In collaboration with your tax professional, we’ll develop ways to:

  • Minimize the taxes you have to pay through income deferral
  • Identify investment vehicles and strategies that can help reduce your tax burden
  • Create strategies for year-end returns, including tax-loss harvesting
Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the Unexpected

Taking steps to minimize your risk in the event the unexpected occurs can help you avoid significant losses. We’ll assess your situation and help you determine:

  • What risks you are exposed to, both in business and in your personal life
  • What potential losses are associated with each risk
  • The right strategy that will best help protect you from any losses

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