Planning a Trip in 2021?

Travel Picture Montage

Well, I did it! I booked my first flight. With a fresh new year and the vaccine on the way, I needed to do something positive. So today I booked a flight to go visit my mom in August to celebrate her birthday in sunny Florida. Many of you have shared on our phone calls and zoom sessions that you want to double your 2021 travel budget. I can fully understand and appreciate this desire. I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and the beaches of Florida, but I stumbled upon this travel article and it had me dreaming of a couple of new destinations as well. Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali are on the top of my list. Another big trip I want to take is an African Safari with my daughters.

Are you like me and booked a trip first thing in 2021?  What are the top destinations on your travel bucket list?


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