Shirts and Financial Plans: The Hidden Steps That May Surprise You

One size does not fit “most.”  Those shirts you see at Nordstrom take many steps to show up on the shelf. So does a tailored financial plan. Uncover the hidden steps that go into creating both in my latest article. 

Three Buckets Investment Philosophy

The topic of investment philosophy surfaces with every client in our initial meetings and is revisited throughout the relationship. My investment philosophy centers on a number of factors such as risk tolerance, investment mix and experience, asset size, and goals. However, time frame is at the center of this discussion and is a critical component in determining how to invest. And for investment time frame, I call my approach the “Three Bucket Theory”. 

Becoming a Financial Steward: 3 Elements for a Healthy Foundation

April is National Financial Literacy month, and as a financial planner, I look for opportunities to teach the next generation basic financial skills. One of the concepts that I share with the students is one that I cover with all of our clients: financial stewardship and what it means to be a good steward with your finances.