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At Pradel Financial Group, we take you through a comprehensive process for managing your finances and create a long-term plan customized to your needs. Because so many of our clients have high concentrations of employer stock or stock options, we have developed an approach to wealth management that offers focused attention to these types of investments. The process involves a complete and thorough examination of the following aspects of wealth management:

  • Asset Management: Manage, accumulate, and diversify your investments
  • High Concentrations of Stock: Develop and implement a specific strategy to address concentrated stock and/or stock options
  • Retirement Planning: Evaluation of all investment assets and income sources specific to retirement 
  • Estate Planning: Valuation, transfer, administration, and taxation of an estate 
  • Risk Management: Focuses on the role insurance can play in protecting your assets 
  • Taxation: Ways to minimize your tax burden

Create a comprehensive plan
By exploring each module in detail, we'll determine which ones require our immediate attention and which ones are more long-term in nature. From our findings, we'll assemble an implementation plan for your financial future.

Support your financial goals
By helping you systematically manage your wealth, Pradel Financial Group will help simplify the complexities of your finances. 

This material has been provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute either tax or legal advice. Investors should consult with a tax or legal professional regarding their individual situation.