Pradel Financial Group | Professional. Personal. Passionate.

Pradel Financial Group is an independent financial services company based in Seattle, Washington. Our status as an independent firm is central to everything we do. It allows us to take a truly vested interest in our clients' lives, work, goals, and aspirations, and then develop strategic planning around these things. Although our clients have diverse needs, we specialize in helping leaders and executives who have established assets, complex planning needs, and high concentrations in employer stock and stock options, delivering focused support that never loses sight of the big picture.

Holistic and impartial, our concierge approach works in tandem with our vast experience in the industry. Whether your goals involve concentrated stock, stock options, retirement planning, or asset management, we will develop specific recommendations and strategies designed to realize your financial goals. And we'll do it with an unrivaled level of passion and professionalism.


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